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Tbilisi Medical Academy

Medicine and other fields

When you decide to enroll in an accredited medical program in Georgia, you can go for The Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy. In the recent years, the educational sector in Georgia has witnessed a boom. The university is recognized as a centre for excellence which offers high-quality education to the prospective doctors. The faculty at the university ensures that they offer education which is at par with international standards. After the Bologna process, the universities in Georgia has been offering 4 years Bachelor’s program and 2 years Master’s program. For Pakistani students who aspire to practice in Pakistan, qualifying the PMDC examination is mandatory.
From its humble beginnings in 1992, Tbilisi Medical Academy is one the first private medical schools in the history of independent Georgia. For almost 25 years, Tbilisi Medical Academy is one of the pioneers of medical education in Georgia, and remains to be one of the most competitive and dynamically developing institution. During these years we have trained hundreds of successful physicians who currently work in the leading clinics in Georgia and abroad.
In capital of Georgia, where east meets west, we at Tbilisi Medical Academy exercise the best values of our culture: hospitality, equality and integrity. At the Academy we try our best to create student centered environment for our students, suitable for the studies of international quality. The study process closely follows latest updates of higher medical education and offers students dynamically improving facilities and learning process.
During this period, we have trained hundreds of successful physicians who currently work in the leading clinics and healthcare organizations in Georgia and Abroad.
At Tbilisi Medical Academy, we have a student centered orientation, where quality of education is the keystone. We are open to dialog, listening to the voices of the students and keep up to date with their needs.
Being devoted to teaching, we are wide open to international cooperation in education and research.
Founded by my Father, notorious physician and one of the pioneers of pediatric surgery in Georgia, Tbilisi Medical Academy proudly carries name of Prof Petre Shotadze. Here with traditional values we have created multinational, friendly environment for our students and are working for better future in a world of global challenges.
I am proud to be a part of institution with such a diverse community of people who strive every day to improve and save the life of others.
I am delighted to welcome you to Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy and wish you successful academic career.

General Information

Medical education is one of the challenges, which requires full commitment and compassion. We at Tbilisi Medical Academy share your dedication to education and we are working hard to provide you with rigorously designed program, which will help you to develop into excellent physicians. 
Tbilisi Medical Academy has the honor to be home of many successful graduates, who practice around the world in different branches of healthcare. Our academic team is composed of skilled professionals, who are passionate about their work and dedicated to raising new generation of medical professionals. 
In recent years, Tbilisi Medical Academy has become an even better place to study, with renovated facilities, redesigned curriculum and improved access to electronic, multimedia and paper based materials. Here we know the importance of clinical training, thus we give you opportunity to obtain basic clinical skills on the basic level of education and later, strengthen and develop them in the University Clinic and affiliated clinics of Tbilisi Medical Academy.
At Tbilisi Medical Academy you have opportunities to participate in various exchange programs. Partnerships with Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Turkey etc. explore fascinating possibilities for most committed students, regardless nationality, religion, gender and race.
As a Dean, I have a responsibility to explore new ways of educating and learning and I am waiting forward to work with each of you.
I hope, together we can achieve new heights of medical profession.
Wish you a successful academic year.

University clinic


In order to enhance the quality of teaching and increase the student’s competences in clinical subjects, Tbilisi Medical Academy is providing students with remarkable practice opportunities at the University Clinic of the Academy. TMA is proud to have “St. Joachim and St. Anna’s Medical Centre” as a base for clinical development and education.

The Centre was founded in October 2012 and has capacity of 88 beds. The clinic has modern technical equipment and is completed with professional staff.  The center has numerous departments, among them Obstetrics-Gynecology, Surgery, Neurology, Critical Care, Women’s Consultancy etc. 
At the Centre, students can engage in clinical life from first steps of their education at TMA.

At TMA we understand the importance of clinical practice for our student’s future development and try to provide them with best possible options.

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Affiliated clinics

Cardiology Clinic “GULI”
Aversi Clinic
Health House
Health Center
S. Khechinashvili University Hospital
S. Virsaladze Scientific-Research Institute for Medical
Parasitology and Tropical Medicine
Woman and Health
Family Medicine Teaching Centre
Tbilisi Cancer Center
M . Iashvili Children’s Central Clinic
Archangel St Michael Multiprofile Clinical Hospital
Emergency Neurological Clinic
National Centre for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases
Tbilisi Private Pediatric Clinic
V. Sanikidze National Clinical Hospital of Veterans
New Maternity Centre
International Collaboration with Partner Organizations
Tbilisi Medical academy is accredited, recognized and listed with
Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
European Medical Students Association (EMSA)
International Directory of Medical Education (FAIMER)
World Health Organization – (WHO AVICENNA)
Tbilisi Medical Academy aims to provide high quality education through internalization and establish international academic reputation through engagement in academic and research processes with strategic partners of the Academy, while retaining its core values of equality and equity.
Being part of ERASMUS+ and MEVLANA exchange programs, Tbilisi Medical Academy is proud of existing connections with some of leading European Universities and aspires to extend network.
Partner Universities in the frames of Bilateral Agreements:
University of Klaipeda (Lithuania)
Oldenburg University (Germany)
Gothenburg University (Sweden)
Lund University (Sweden)
Hacettepe University (Turkey)
Dicle University (Turkey)
Acibadem University (Turkey)
Madrid Open University (Spain)
Partner Universities within international projects
University of Westminster (Great Britain)
University of Chester (Great Britain)
University of Ferrara (Italy)
University of Perugia (Italy)
University of Rome II “Tor Vergata” (UNITOV) (Italy)
University of Murcia (Spain)
University of Vilnius (Lithuania)
International Affairs Department

International activity is the matter of high importance at Tbilisi Medical Academy. The strategic plan for development includes widening the network of partnership with international organizations and institutions of higher education. 
The cooperation activities include international student and staff mobility in the frames of Bilateral cooperation, as well as Erasmus+ and MEVLANA projects, international collaboration for regional development of education in the frames of TEMPUS DECERPH project. 
The tasks of international department are:

  • Establishing strategic partnerships with European, American and Asian institutions of higher education ;
  • Organizing of Incoming and outgoing motilities for students and academic staff;
  • Support International Research  projects and other development activities;
  • Promoting of medical educational in the Region.

Courses offered

Courses offered for foreign students