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Shalamar Medical and Dental College Lahore

Medicine and other fields

Shalamar Medical and Dental College, established in 2009 and named after the Shalimar Gardens, is a private college of medicine and dentistry located on Shalimar Link Road, Shalimar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

General Information

The project of Shalamar Medical & Dental College commenced in the year 2007. The college building has the most modern & contemporary building design. Shalamar Medical & Dental College is serving as an emblem for medical education in Pakistan in 21st century.

Catering to 750 students, the custom made building provides all the necessary spaces required to ensure an ideal learning environment with lecture theaters, laboratories, library, museum, dissection hall, auditorium and cafeteria. Apart from providing audio-visual aid for educational purposes, the building also provides physical and mental comfort through controlled temperature and humidity.

College provides a wireless aura of computer & internet connectivity within the campus. All the academic & non academic facilities viz; lecture theaters, classrooms, laboratories, library, administrative structure & extra-curricular activities are up to the international standard. The college is registered by PMDC & affiliated with the University of Health Sciences, Lahore. Shalamar Medical & Dental College is amongst few medical colleges with dedicated hospital,Shalamar Hospital, for coordinated & prompt hands on clinical training of the students.


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