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HBS Medical & Dental College Islamabad

Medicine and other fields

HBS stands for ‘Hazrat Bari Imam Sarkar’, the partron saint of Islamabad and Potohar region.


Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi R.A., or ‘ Hazrat Bari Imam Sarkar’ as he is popularly known, was a great sufi sait of 17th Century AD. It was the result of his efforts that islam spread in this reagion. He Has a huge folloeing in the sub-continent. Even after passing of four hundred years, his message of love for humanity and its welfare resonates deeply with people everywhere. His teachings transcend geographical and religious boundaries and attract millions of pilgrims from all over the world to his shrine.


The name reflects the lifelong devotion and attachment of the Trustees of HBS Trust (the parent organization of HBS Medical & Dental College ) to Ghous Pak and Sufia-e-Karam in general and Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi R.A. in particular.

General Information


HBS Medical & Dental College is the first college in the country to be affiliated with SZABMU right from its inception. It has fulfilled a rigorous set of requirements and meets a stringent criteria set by the University for the accrediation of its MBBS Program. It has a fully functional campus and affiliated general hospital. The faculty of the college is higly qualified and well versed with teaching and training requirements as per Integrated Modular System of education as required by PM&DC and the University.

Examinations for students enrolled at HBS Medical & Dental College will be conducted by SZABMU. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the MBBS degree program at HBS Medical & Dental College will be awarded degrees by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University.


Affiliated with College of Physician & Surgeon, Pakistan.


Recognized by PM&DC, under section 11 of PM&DC ordinance 1962.


Included in International Medical Education Directory (IMED) by FAIMER.

Courses offered

Courses offered for foreign students

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