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Avicenna Medical College Lahore

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A leading PM&DC Recognized Medical College, having an inspiring teaching faculty, a stunning campus and having two Hospitals, 530 bedded Avicenna Hospital and 120 bedded Adil Hospital (1st ISO Certified Hospital in Pakistan) having state of art medical facilities around the clock – are just a few of the reasons to choose Avicenna Medical College for your medical study.

General Information

Avicenna was a persian scientist and doctor. His Book, the Cannon of Medicine, followed the principles of the Ancient greeks and especially those of Galen.It remained a standard medical test for seven centuries. Many physicians in the Islamic world were outstanding medical teachers and practitioners. Avicenna was born 980-1037 CE) near Bokara in central Asia. Known as ‘Prince of Physicans’, his cannon of medicine (medical encyclopedia)remained a standard text for both east and west until the 16th Century and still forms the basis of Unani theory and practice.

Avicenna was a genious who was not only a Physician, but also a phylosopher, an astronomer,  a chemist, a geologist, a logician, a paleontologist, a mathematician, a physicist, a poet, a psycologist, a sceintist and a teacher. A name so distinct of its time that made the highest mountain in Tajakistan was renamed after him.


The Avicenna Medical College will live up to the name and reputation of “Abu Ali Sina Balkhi (Latin Name Avicenna)” and will be a model of excellence for the quality and innovation of its education programs, clinical services. The institution will continually strive to exceed the expectations of its patients, students, residents, and Local Community by constantly improving the services it provides with enthusiasm, teamwork and creativity.

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